Saturday, September 3, 2011


Hazel and I have known each other for years.  We went to the same high school, and during that time our paths had crossed here and there.  She was a grade ahead of me.  I used to eat lunch with her sister everyday.  It wasn't until Halloween of last year that we started hanging out like nobody's business, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect :)

Oh yeah, not only is Hazel an awesome friend, but she is also my neighbor! 

How can you not enjoy being able to cry on someone's shoulder when you need to, and also borrow some sugar?

Whenever I go out with Hazel, I can always expect the unexpected, and I like that...


Getty Center Grass Pics:
Dress+ Forever XX1
Leggings+  Victorias Secret

    Royal T Trip Pics:
Dress+ Forever XXI 


  1. Hazel being a creature from Where the Wild Things Are is the best pic ever!

  2. hahaha, thanks guys, it was an arduous yet fun shoot :)