Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Watts Towers in 1975

I couldn't find the best way to incorporate this into my blog post from August when I visited the Watts Towers, but I still wanted to share some vintage photos from my Mom's trip there in 1975.  The Towers have changed a bit since 1975, you can't climb on it anymore, and you can't go inside without purchasing a tour. I don't think the very last photo was at the towers, but its a random picture of my dad in the 70s!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gettin' Idyllwild.

Last weekend Brian and I headed to Idyllwild with Rachelle, Aaron, Paula and Matt.  Idyllwild is located on the west side of the San Jacinto mountain range.  Just to give you some perspective, Palm Springs and Joshua Tree are on the east side of the range.  The west side of the range is like a whole different world.

Brian was our designated driver again, so I got to record some of the view on the way over.

Before setting up camp we took an excursion into the town of Idyllwild to eat breakfast and shop.  The area is full of travelers, bikers, rock climbers, hikers, locals, and occasionally adorable alpacas (I want one). There is so much to do here, that I feel like you should spend a weekend just staying in the town seeing all of the shops and restaurants, and another weekend just in the mountains checking out the different nature trails.

The shops I visited all leaned a little hippie/spiritual, but they are fun to peruse and they smelled good because of all of the incense.

shot by Rachelle Neshkes

Shot by Rachelle Neshkes

When we got to the campsite we set up, and then decided to go on an easy trail to warm up for the next day.  We ended up on a horse trail, but it was beautiful just the same, and we got to see horses!

If you're into hopping on boulders, there are several large rock formations to climb in the area!

The next day we went on the Devil's Slide trail. Apparently you need a permit to hike on state lands in Idyllwild, so be sure to stop by the Mt. San Jacinto State Park Ranger Station before you go so that you can register for a permit.

The Devil's Slide trail was pretty hard, but it was completely worth it to get those amazing views.  It was a great hike because it was perfect weather, and it was mostly shaded.  We opted not to go to the top of the mountain due to time constraints, so we ended up at a junction that is part of the Pacific Crest Trail.
It was pretty awesome to be in the midst of people who were traveling so far.  I would love to take a couple of months off and experience the trail from start to finish.  Maybe one day...

Junction group shot c/o Matthew McPherson

I'd love to go back to Idyllwild and check out a couple more trails, and maybe even hike part of the PCT.  It is great for the weekend to get a taste of the town and surrounding nature.  I would probably suggest 3-4 days so you can do a little bit more of exploring the town and hiking trails.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Joshua Tree Weekend Getaway

Joshua Tree is about two hours from Los Angeles, but it feels like a whole different world.  Brian and I have been on a roll when it comes to weekend camping trips lately, so when Brian's friends invited us to join them in Joshua Tree, we couldn't resist!

I did some research and realized that there were several points of interest along the way to JT that were worth checking out.

Our first stop was the in the unassuming little city of Rialto, CA. Right off of historic Route 66, you can find something you don't see everyday.  It is a very unique motel where all of the rooms are actually teepees! We didn't get to look inside the "teepees", but the outside was like nothing I have ever seen before.

Our next stop was the location of the first ever McDonalds. The actual restaurant was demolished, but the original sign is still there, as well as a commemorative museum.  The museum is small and needs a little work, but it was fun to walk through and see all of the old characters that McDonalds has had through the years.

Our last stop before Joshua Tree was the famous Cabazon Dinosaur roadside attraction that is right off of the 10 freeway.  I've been out that way a couple of times, but always managed to miss the dinos.  I finally got out to check them out, and they are really quite large.  It was a fun little photo opp!

Joshua Tree is calm and peaceful.  When the sun went down we could see so many stars!  Our group decided to star gaze, so we all laid out on huge boulders and looked up at the sky for a while. I think I saw 3 or 4 shooting stars that night. It was beautiful!

The next morning we decided to go rock hopping, because Joshua Tree has a ton of huge boulders.  We spent a good hour or two hopping around rocks before heading home.

c/o Brains Rigazzi

c/o Brains Rigazzi

It was great to see all of the little stops hidden around California, and Joshua Tree was as beautiful as ever.  I can't wait to go again!

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