Saturday, July 30, 2011


This is my bestie Paula, or as some like to call her; P, Peeb, Pb, Peen (am I missing any?)
I call her many of these nicknames, but I won't call her my therapist, 'cause then I might have to start paying her. ;) This girl has helped me through some ROUGH times.  I'm not quite certain that I can live without her.  The pictures here are enough to prove she is beautiful in every way.

Paula is an avid hiker.  She and her husband Matt are now into peak bagging.  Hiking with these two is not for the weak.  I've experienced near death by hiking with them on several occasions.

*cough* Mt. Baldy *cough* *cough* Zuma Canyon *cough*

I didn't think I'd be coming back alive from Baldy, and I was pretty sure we'd be spending the night in the seemingly endless Zuma Canyon.  

You know those occasions where you think you're probably going to die but you don't, and then you laugh about it later?  Well, let's just say that Paula, Matt and I have pleeeenty to laugh about.

I'm completely inspired by vintage things.  I grew up in a 1940s style house in L.A.  My mother collected antiques.  I guess it runs in the family.  I want people to wear their own clothes for my pictures, because I feel their clothes reflect their personality.  But if they have any vintage clothing, I encourage them to dress up in it.  Anyway, I was rummaging through Paula's closet to find out what the heck we were going to dress her in for the shoot, and we came across a vintage green tiki print blouse that was her grandmother's.  The rest of the outfit came together in my mind instantly. We shot at the Culver Hotel (possibly illegally).  Word to the wise- do NOT go there after happy hour, or you will quickly become broke.  Cheers!

Hiking babe pics:
Dress+  Style Express (aka The Hoochie Store)
Shoes+ Thrifted

Classy Peeb pics:
Blouse+  Grandmother's
Belt+ Thrifted
Skirt+ JC Penny
Shoes+ Nordstrom


  1. P's looking smokin! Love these photos!

  2. love the second last shot. she does look like a woman of power.

  3. I love them all but the one with the globe in it is my favorite pic of P of all time. Guapisima! Love to you both!

  4. How fun to do a photo shoot with a good friend. I want to start getting into portrait photography. It looks so fun!

  5. paula + boots + LBD = HOT!! also + maps