Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Favorites #2

Hey!  Here is some cool stuff that I found this week.  What did you find?
Happy Friday!

These fantastic toilet paper rolls

This seed baring cigarette

These hipster Greek Statues

•Everyone knows that Corgis are the cutest dogs ever, but what about a hybrid?  ALSO CUTE, FYI.

•The most amazing thing I've ever seen done in EXCEL

•I want him, its TOO CUTE!

#hashtag banner

•Check out this cute LATTE ART

Monday, July 15, 2013

Aviation Submission Roundup

My friend Alyson  and I LOVE Portland, Oregon,  and we also LOVE cocktails, so entering the Aviation Gin photo contest seemed like a no brainer!!  We were hoping so bad to win a trip to "The city of roses",  and to tour the Aviation Gin facility, but sadly we were not the ones randomly selected in the drawing.  We were however, given a couple of  honorable mentions on the Aviation blog! Anyhow, we ended up with some pretty interesting photos for their contest, and here they are all in one place.

(Thank you Brian R. for being present at every one of these shoots, and offering your equipment, skill, and advice!)

Some things about the photos-

Photo 1:  I shot the bottle against a pink background and thought it needed something else, so I added a gradient and some circles in Photoshop.  I also got this thing called a "fry cup" at a restaurant supply store and added those colorful circles to it on Photoshop.  Its pretty much impossible to find snow cone cups anywhere, especially on short notice.  There was a lot of color tweaking in this photo.  I enhanced the snow cone color, and the color of my my hand.  I really did make a snow cone for this competition. This particular snow cone was cantaloupe, habanero and orange syrup.  The original idea for this photo was to have three hands and three snow cones of different colors, and I really did make the syrup for all three flavors, but I ran out of time, so I had to improvise with using only one flavor.

Photo 2:  I love the way this one turned out.  We pretty much stuck with the original idea of this photo,  "50s slumber party"-the only real change we made was that we used color instead of making it in black & white.  This photo kind of came together miraculously.  All of these pretty girls just happened to be free that day, and on a whim, I asked Hannah if she had a vintage hand held mirror and brush, and alas, she did!  I think it really enhanced the picture.  The only thing I would change is that I would take Dorian's watch off.  I totally missed that one!!

Photo 3: I felt kinda lost on this photo, but had fun hanging with my girl Hazel.  I bought clothes from Forever 21 (word to the wise, they do not do returns for a refund! ouch!) I made the best looking Spicy Red Snapper EVER (equivalent of a Bloody Mary).  It had a whole frekin' breakfast as a garnish: (veggie) Sausage, silver dollar pancakes, TATER TOTS, a hard boiled egg, celery, jalapeƱo, and habanero.  It looked like a million bucks.  I should have gotten a closer shot.  The scene is supposed to be a club or bar scene, with two people who are opposites, but are united by their gin drinks.  The drinks they have chosen define their personality, as opposed to how they are dressed.

Photo 4:  This was the first photo that we took for the competition.  I already have it somewhere on this blog.  I had to eat SO MANY (veggie) HOT DOGS for this damn photo shoot.  I will never eat another hot dog again, ever.  The burger was also vegetarian, and I think Alyson was sick of them by the end of it too.  It was really fun to have her and her roommate Scott over to do this shoot though, even if we did get sick of BBQ foods.

Photo 5:  I had a lot of fun hanging out at the park at night doing this shoot.  Aly jumped off of this ledge so many times!  It must have gotten really hot in that leather jacket and that hat.  We were at this park in Mid-City Los Angeles at around 10pm at night and there were still children playing in it!  We left around 11:30, and I remember seeing this couple pushing a kid on a swing that must have been no older than 2.  I guess there is a whole night park culture that I knew nothing about.  I had to Photoshop some of the water back in, because it got cut off!!

Anyway, hope you like these pics.