Monday, August 15, 2011


 She's sharp as a tac...

cute as a button...

and sexy as hell!

I must have done something right to have her as my friend!

Whenever we go out to bars, or anywhere together, we always get the question, "so how did you two meet?"  Long story short, Aly and I met at SURFAS. She worked at the cheese counter, and I stopped by to check out the store every once in a while (ok, maybe more like obsessively, but whatever :P)  Since our meeting, we have bonded over a very important things like food, craft beer, and Los Angeles adventures!  I don't think I've ever had more fun :)

This last picture just kinda "happened".  We had just finished eating at Wurstk├╝che and we were stuffed with sausage, french fries and beer.  We were well on our way to a food coma and it was a hot day so we walked around the corner and found a shady spot to sit down, only we could barely sit up. That is when I snapped a picture of Aly laying down on this ledge. It's hard to make pictures larger in blogger and it is unfortunately hard to see, but larger it looks really cool.

So many of the pictures from this shoot came out great that it was hard to choose which ones to put up.
If you're interested in seeing more (pre processed photos) from this shoot please e-mail me at  Thanks to all who have been checking out and following my blog since the beginning! Over 600 hits seems like a lot for a newbie like me :)

Have a great week!

    Graff wall pics (shot in West Los Angeles):
Dress and belt+ Aryn K. 
Flip Flops+ Reef

    Comfortable cowgirl pics (shot in Downtown Los Angeles):
Sweatpants+ Forever XXI 
 Shirt+ thrifted 
Horse Scarf+ Forever XXI 
Felt Wide brim Fedora+ Christy's London
     Shoes+ Steve Madden

   Sexy librarian pics (Shot at Central Library in Downtown Los Angeles):
Blazer+ Have & Have 
Trousers+ Gap 
Eyewear+ Vintage ((and prescription!))

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