Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a mile a minute.

Sometimes I think of Blogger as Live Journal for adults. Lots of people post everyday and really, I have no idea how they do it.  I get the feeling there is probably a lot of talking about what they put on their toast, and how much their bosses suck.  I try to post about once a week, but even once a week is hard (unless you are fine with not sleeping). 

This whole damn blog is kind of like an art project, and because of this I would prefer to choose words wisely, and do things carefully.  In a nutshell, I want things to look pretty.

I am always curious about what other people think is beautiful.  I can do a whole post on just this subject, and probably will (good idea, self!)  I was always completely under the impression that what I thought was beautiful was the general consensus, however, one day I was proved very very wrong. (and that's two verys for the two people that proved me wrong).

In any case, I hope you find my pictures generally pretty, or at least, ugly in a good way?

Words are not my first choice of expression, and I keep erasing things because it is past the moment when I was inspired to write.

I'll give you a hint on what my next post will be about...



  1. You know I love your photos :)

    I know some bloggers have notebooks they fill with ideas and use them for days they can't think of anything. Also they have a theme day, like how I have my not-so-consistant travel thursdays. And then there's some people who post 2-3 times a day, daily. I dunno, maybe its just me but blogging each day is kind of a buzzkill, like "didn't i just read you yesterday?" and if you miss a day you have 4 or 5 posts to read. But that doesn't happen much. Post as much as you like, with whatever you like, since this is _your_ blog. DO EET!!!

  2. I'm not too good with words either, That's why I always take a lot of pictures for my blog :)

  3. Magic? I like your blog because there are all kinds of hints and innuendos that I want to know more about. E.g. the "Very very wrong" story!