Sunday, March 4, 2012


Last month in pictures...

1. I was first introduced to Seedbombs by Matt and Paula.  They gave them out as a wedding favor at their wedding last year.  One day after work I suddenly decided to go on an shopping trip at the Westside Pavillion in West Los Angeles, and instead of paying for parking in the structure, decided to park two blocks away on a small residential street.  I just happened to park right next to a house with a seedbomb vending machine right in front! I knew these vending machines were around Los Angeles, but I never imagined one would be in front of someone's house! 

2. I've been determined lately to get a wig, so one day Michelle, Balike, Hazel and I went to a place called Robinson Beautilities to see if we would have any luck on our wig hunt.  We had a lot of fun looking throughout the store trying on wigs and hats and looking at all of the costumes, but I went away empty handed.  Hazel had some luck and got a great wig, though. 

3.  I LOVE sushi.  I think if I had to have one last meal, salmon sashimi might be it.  I remember being STARVING, and this sushi from Sushi Stop saved my life and made me very happy :) This place is awesome.  Cheap and good eats.

4. My friend Aly recently told me about this place.  Not the name or the exact street, just that the make coffee like it is a science. She told me the general location, so I thought I would go on a scavenger hunt and find the place that made what she called "Cyphon Coffee".  The place happens to be called Balconi Coffee Company.  I really wanted to try the mad scientist coffee that she was talking about, but when I got there, the girl in front of me in line had a latte that looked so delicious that I opted for that instead.  I want to go back one day and get their science coffee.

5, 6. Royal T is a really cool cafe, gift shop and gallery that is really fun to visit!  B, Hazel, Mich and I went there for Milk Tea.  I love browsing the gift shop.  They always have interesting Japanese things there. 

7. I guess the problem with developing a blog post at 3 in the morning is that sometimes you forget how to count.  I don't have a picture for seven, but to make seven interesting, I will tell you that it is my "lucky number".  We all have a lucky number, right?

8.  I decided to treat myself to a day at LACMA for the In Wonderland: The Surrealist Adventures of Women Artists in Mexico and the United States exhibit.  I was showing one of my friends the dress I wore to the museum, because as you know, you must always look cute for museums :)

9.  Everyone in LA knows the landmark of Chris Burden's "Urban Light" sculpture.  I thought taking a picture from a far away angle would be cool, not many people do that.  (Someone was in my shot, though).

10.  I was walking past the "Urban Light" sculpture, and I noticed my shadow on the ground.  It made me realize that I never think about shadows, and I almost forgot about them, but this one was in front of me and very dark and pronounced.  

11, 12. Some art work from the Wonderland exhibit.  I was very happy to see a Frida Kahlo painting in person.  I have been drawn to her art since I was first introduced to her in elementary school.  The second painting is by Remedios Varo.  I thought her paintings were very Tim Burton-esque.  

13.  Valentines Day, ooooooh Valentines Day...

14.  My Grandmother and my Mom on my Grandmother's 85th birthday!

15, 16.  Whenever I want to walk around in what seems like a perfect universe, I head down to Abbott Kinney and browse the shops and drink the amazing coffee they have at Intelligentsia or GTA.  I don't usually take pictures of quotes unless they stick out to me.  That one certainly did.

17, 18.  Lauren is my awesome friend who is always making tasty vegan treats.  She invited me and Mich over one night to sample her strawberry balsamic muffins and strawberry balsamic ice cream.  It was SO delicious.  I wish she lived closer so I could sample her treats more often :)

19.   BACON WRAPPED DATES!  I first heard about them after Mich, Aly and I went to a place called Cobras and Matadors They were absolutely delicious, but the restaurant only gave us about 5.  We decided to try to make them one night, and they are the easiest thing in the world to make, and you get about 20.  I think ours even tasted better too!  It is a party hors d'oeuvre staple.  We even made them for super bowl!

20.  Aly and I went for a stroll down Fairfax one day and decided to browse a little shop called Tini
It was fun.  They have a bunch of neat antique furniture and chotchkies, and most importantly (for Aly), old typewriters. After that we decided to stroll to LACMA to hang out at Ray's and Stark Bar.
On the way we saw a dead guy!  WHAT!?  That was a first for me.  I mean, we didn't SEE him, but there were a bunch of cops and yellow tape, and someone lying on the ground with a white sheet over them.  It was so unusual that we weren't sure if it was real or not until we walked further down the block and saw an ambulence with it's lights on parked around the corner.  Very strange.