Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Workin' It

I've been so busy taking photographs!  Here is a recent project I did where I collaborated with the beautiful and talented Alyson, her roommate Scott, and my super awesome boyfriend Brian.  This is for a contest.  I wanted it to have a magazine booze ad vibe.  I hope you like it :)

Art Direction:  Danielle
Theme Concept: Alyson
Photo Assistant:  Scott
Photographer:  Brian

Side note:  As it turns out, it is really hard to make two people look good in a photo at the same time.  You just can't control it.  One person may be blinking while the other person looks fabulous, or one person may be doing something weird with their mouth while another person can be having a wardrobe malfunction...Really, anything can happen. This was the case for this photo shoot.  This is actually two different photos 'shopped together.  Aly looked great, but I just didn't have the right look, so I sifted through the other photos in hopes that I could find one of myself giving off the same vibe that Aly was, and at the same time not looking too shabby.  Lo and behold I found it!  

Another problem with the photo was that the hot dog that I was holding in the "good" picture of myself wasn't hot-doggie enough.  You could only see part of the sad small bun, so I found another photo where I was holding the dog with all of it's mustard and ketchupy goodness, and I used a layer mask to throw it into the photo.  Hopefully you can't tell that any of this was actually photoshopped ;)

Before photos (pre Photoshop)- Notice the sad sad hotdog in my hand


  1. Looks amazing. Love it!

  2. good job babby! developing those photoshop skills