Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Favorites #3

Happy Friday!  Here are some things I've been looking at this week...

////This is a MUST SEE for any Game of Thrones fan :)

////I didn't know this before, but Lynn Hirschberg's interviews of really famous people are fantastic.  Check out her interviews on Pinterest .  I actually thought Taylor Swift interviewed surprisingly very well.   I thought Joseph Gordon Levitt's was really interesting as well...

////I thought this was cool- Every outfit Walter White ever wore on Breaking bad

////This is a dessert made to look like Ramen!  HAH!

////Here is a history of the most popular female names in America.  Kinda weird!

////Here is a silly ad campaign for the Canadian beer company Molson

////11 Illustrations of Words with no English equivalent

////This ice cream recipe

////These amazing book edge paintings 

///I'll be needing these earrings stat, haha

///I can't seem to find shoes in this particular style anywhere, but I'm on the lookout.  They're cute!

What about you?  What's caught your eye this week??

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