Thursday, November 20, 2014

Paso Robles-Something Old, Something New

Going North, Paso Robles is 3 hours outside of L.A. Don't even think about taking the 5 up there.  If you want to actually enjoy yourself, take the 101.  I love the area and try to go as often as I can (which hasn't been too often lately).

There are certain things I always try to do when I go to Paso Robles and the surrounding areas.  I didn't get around to doing everything I usually do, but I marked some good ones off the list this time around.

I always go to Rotta Winery and do a tasting, if only to get just a sample of their Black Monnuka dessert sherry.  It may be the best dessert drink I have ever tried.  I bought some bottles to take home with me this time around. ;)

There are many other fantastic wineries in the region, I wish I had time to do a couple of more tastings, but that Black Monnuka draws me in every time.

I also always go to Full of Life Flatbread in Los Alamos, CA.  It just might be the best pizza I have ever eaten.  I love the town too. After having not visited for a number of years, I was happy to see that the town is growing and even has some new restaurants and bars.  I'd love to try them next time I go up.

I also always see the ocean- California's #1 roadside attraction.  Brian and I just happened to catch the tail end of a beautiful sunset.

There were a couple of new things that I did when I was in Paso that I really enjoyed!  I had not been to Paso in a couple of years, so this time around there were new places to go!

I went to a new Olive Oil Farm!

Kiler Ridge Olive Oil Farm had great scenery and a fantastic and informative tasting for only $5! It is great for taking a break between wine tastings. They even have a cute olive oil dog!   I would definitely go back the next time I'm in the area and get another tasting.

We also went to a relatively new brewery called BarrelHouse Brewing Company and sampled all of the beers that they had on tap.  Everything we tried was delicious.  They even have free pretzels and mustard to munch on while you're sipping your beers!

We were in a sampling mood, so we went to Vivant, the local cheese shop to see what they had.  We were introduced to the cheeses of Central Coast Creamery, which were absolutely fantastic.  We bought two hunks of cheese to take home with us.  Its too bad Central Coast Creamery does not have a tasting room.  I would be all over that in a second.  Their cheese is delicious.

I also went to The Ghostriders Tavern in Los Alamos for the first time.  It was not at all what I expected. I always thought there would be a plethora of burly bikers inside, and I was always kind of anxious to go in in the past. But we decided to check it out, and there were actually only a couple of regular looking folks in there. It was great being so empty, because it gave us plenty of room to play pool.

The last (actually first) thing I did for the first time in that area was visit the small town of Santa Margarita. There isn't much there, but they did have a cute cafe that Brian and I ate breakfast at, and a very decent antique store right next door.  I mean, where else in the world can you find a 1954 edition of Chinchilla News?

Paso Robles and the surrounding cities are places you wish you could stay at for just one more day.   If I had time I would go to the Madonna Inn for a fancy surf and turf dinner, check out the lavender farm in Los Olivos, and maybe do a couple of more wine tastings,  go antiquing in Los Alamos and try their new lunch spot Bell Street Farm.  Maybe if I was feeling adventurous, I would even go dancing in Santa Barbara!  Next time...

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