Saturday, December 17, 2011

How To Make an Owl Ornament

Hey everyone!  It has been a while since my last post!  I saw this really cute idea 
for making owl ornaments on Swiss Miss.  While I thought the idea was super cute, I also thought that the owls could use a little extra craft magic, so I set out to make it a little more special.  With Christmas around the corner, this would make a great DIY gift for family or friends.  Try making one!

Here is how I did it...

The first thing is getting a toilet paper roll and pressing the top down until you create two points.

Then, take a pencil and draw your owl design.  Be creative!

Next, take a sharpie or dark marker and draw over the pencil.  I used my old Prismacolor marker.

When you've finished outlining in marker, you can get to the fun stuff.  Time to choose your color palette.  I chose the colors from a vintage fabric that I bought at a garage sale years ago.

Here is the color palette I used.  I got most of the colors from the vintage fabric.

Just like a rainbow!  kinda.

Before I started painting, I made the owl's eye glittery by using a packet of purple glitter and some craft glue.  I have found that using a brush to paint on the glue in tight spaces works really well to create clean lines.  I used makeup brushes since they are good quality and I get them at a discount :).

Now it is time to paint your owl!

I got about half way through painting, got impatient and wanted to apply the fabric, so I measured out the fabric to just a little past the diameter of the toilet paper roll, then used craft glue to glue it to the back of the owl.

I glued the fabric to the back of the owl and held it with clothes pins until it dried.  Tip: Cut a little more fabric then you will need, then fold in the edges about a quarter inch.  Glue the folded in edge of the fabric wherever you would like it to start on the owl, then lightly brush on glue to the owl's back and apply the fabric.

The next morning when the fabric glue was dry,  I continued to paint the front of the owl.

If the paint looks a little messy you can clean up the lines with a marker, as long as you are using dark colors like I did for the feathers.  After that I went over it with more paint to fill the yellow back in.  I kept doing that until I got the result that I wanted.  The picture below still has messy lines.

To make the owl into an ornament,  I used ornament string that I got when I bought a bunch of ornaments at what I like to call "the fake 99 cents store".  I used a sewing pin to push the ornament string through the top of the owl.  I then tied a super tight knot.  I super glued the knot to make sure that sucker doesn't come undone.

Here is what it looks like finished!

I think it would look super cute on a Christmas tree around other ornaments and strings of lights.  Unfortunately this little Jewish girl doesn't have a tree.

I think I might do my next owl using this vintage fabric and color palette

And here she is all finished...

Happy crafting and Merry Christmas everyone!!!

One last note:

If you don't have all of the supplies that I have mentioned, you can still decorate an owl any way you like!  Check out these owls that my friend did.  They look amazing, and she didn't use any fabric or paint...

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