Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mini Party Hat, for You, Your Boyfriend, and Cat!

Once upon a time I posted a tutorial on how to make an owl ornament with a toilet paper roll,

and a long LONG ago on Twitter I said...

So it turned out that "More on this soon" happened to be a year later, but in any case, I'm presenting you today (better late than never), another crafty idea made from the humble cardboard of a toilet paper roll.

Step 1.  Cut the roll down the middle on one side.

Step 2.  "Unroll" the cardboard and draw the following shape on the the side that rolls up toward you.

Step 3.  Cut out the shape that you drew. (Keep the piece that is filled in like above).  Pinch the 90 degree corner a bit to make it easier to roll.  Now,  roll it like you would a blue crab hand roll (yum!).

Step 4.  Tape the edges with a non sticky tape (like Artist's Tape) to hold the cone shape in place.

Step 5.  Place a stronger tape like masking tape or duct tape on the inside seams.  Cut off the excess.  You can then take off the Artist's Tape on the outside and the shape will hold!  After that if you want, you can put some sticky tape on the outside for more support.

Step 6.  Take your hole puncher and punch a hole on two opposite sides of the bottom of the hat.  This is where you will put your string!

Step 7.   Paint!  You can use any kind of paint and any color.  I had a ginormous bucket of light pink paint that was supposed to be used to paint my bathroom walls, but I never got around to it.  Wall paint actually works quite well for this project!

Step 8.  Use GLUE (I used Mod Podge, but any glue would work) to add sparkles to the rim of the hat.  I painted the glue on with a brush, added the sparkles, and then used a q-tip to even out the lines.

Step 9.  I used half inch diameter styrofoam balltz to make the top of the hat even more cute.  I poked a hole in one of the balltz with the edge of my paintbrush. I put some glue inside the hole and stuck it on top of the hat.  I wiped away excess glue with a q-tip.

Step 10.  I didn't have any other paint beside my bathroom wall bucket,  and I didn't have a printer handy, so I traced circles from a round object I had lying around (a magnet, actually), and I colored them in with my PrismaColor markers.  

These circles are about a half inch in diameter, but you can make them bigger or smaller.  You can even do rectangles, stars, hearts, clovers or diamonds!  This party hat can be whatever you want it to be.  (It's your party).  I used the classic party hat shape of a circle.

Cut the circles out with your scissors.

Step 11.  GLUE (I used Mod Podge again) the circles onto the hat in whatever design you like.  

Step 12.  Glue on the string or rubberband.  It will take a couple of hours to dry.  Hold with adorable mini clothes pins.  

I used a rubber band because I made the hat to put on my cat, but for a human mini party hat you may want to use string so you can fit it under your chin.


**No kitties were harmed in the making of this blog post.

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