Sunday, April 14, 2013

Moving :)

I'm moving!  Don't worry, it isn't far, just downstairs from where I live now.  Many of the people in this complex end up living here for years and years, but strangely in the past couple of months I have noticed about 6 units move.  I have lived in the complex for about three now years going on four.

The cool and exciting thing about this move is that the handyman crew hadn't started to work on my new unit yet, so Brian and I asked the complex manager if we could put some of our own finishing touches into the unit before we moved in.

 All of the units are carpeted, but we asked them leave the bare subfloor.  We were told it would be cement, but to our surprise, it happened to be plywood!

We kind of freaked out a little when we discovered it was plywood because we had our hearts set on staining and polishing cement. But after researching You Tube and the internet, we found out that refinishing plywood wasn't an uncommon endeavor, and it can even look downright awesome if done properly.

Here is a time lapse video of Brian and I polishing and staining our new apartment!  It took over two hours to sand, clean, puddy, tape off, and stain everything, but here is a portion of the work in
12 seconds!!!


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